Strategic Website Reviews

Would you like to find ways to improve your website so that it makes a better contribution to the bottom line of your business.

If so, our ‘no holds barred’ website review service, could be just what you are looking for.

What do you get

We provide you with a comprehensive, written appraisal of your existing website; which outlines improvements that could be made to help you achieve your objectives.

This could be things such as increasing the quality and quantity of enquiries or — if you sell online — your sales conversions.

In short, it’s a detailed guide to help make your site deliver the results you want.

What do we cover

Although the exact areas we review are dictated — to a large extent — by the things you want to achieve, the basics which we always cover, are:


An accessible website doesn’t just mean that it is available to people with disabilities; which is now a legal requirement in many countries.

It also means that your website is available to people in your target market who may access it using mobile phones, pdas or text based browsers, as well as conventional web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple’s Safari.

We think that, the more people who can access your website properly, the more chance you have of it being a success.

Site Performance

We look at improving the time taken for pages to download; which can directly influence a visitors perception of your website. Slow sites generally turn people off and if your prospective clients get fed up waiting, the competition is only a click away.

We can also advise on better methods of building your website so that file sizes are smaller, this not only helps with speeding the site up, but also reduces the amount of bandwidth your site uses, so that you pay less for your web hosting.

General design

You could have a very attractive website already, however, if the style doesn’t match the requirements of your target market, your site might as well be ugly as hell.

Forms to gather information from visitors to your site are key — often overlooked — areas. They are very easy to get wrong. Some of the simplest advice we give you, may relate to small, but effective, changes to the way in which you use forms. This can encourage more people to take positive action.


The quality of the text on most websites is very poor. People spend time and money creating a suitable graphical style, then skimp on the words.

We know that very often it is the writing which makes the sale or generates the enquiry. So we include in our review a recommendation as to whether we think your site would benefit from the help of a professional copywriter.

What’s involved

Based on our experience, we have designed a simple, yet effective three-step process for reviewing existing websites.

1. Research your objectives

The first step has — in many respects — little to do with technology at all.

We have to find out what your objectives are for the website, what you want out of it, who your target market is and then establish a baseline that shows what your existing site already gives you.

So we communicate with you, by email, phone or in person, whichever is most convenient and effective for the case in hand.

2. Analyse and review

We then analyse the data, so that we can review your existing website against a set of key criteria.

We do this because there is very little point, for example, in suggesting that your website adopt a young and funky design, if it is aimed at a group of sober professionals who want facts and information, not fluff.

We can’t measure the success of your website, if we don’t know what we are measuring it against.

3. Present our findings

We will produce and send your report as a digital PDF document, without the normal hype and jargon that many internet specialists seem to favour.

If you would like us to present the findings with you face to face, we are more than happy to do so.


With over 15 years experience of creating business with the internet, we certainly have the website design skills to develop the internet solutions we recommend.

If you are using our report as an independent review of your site, we can of course work with your own choice of web development company or even your own in-house team.

For businesses with in-house teams, we can perform the all important task acting as moderator between the often disparate views of marketing and technology departments.

How much does it cost

Price is very much dependent on the complexity of the website being reviewed. We deal with typical small business websites through to complex corporate and online trading sites.

As an example, the cost of a review for a typical small business website would be in the region of £250 to £350.

The next step

If you are interested in finding out more about our website review service, please call us on 07508 075066 or email